We are newly established company in Cyprus on Car Rentals, but we are a friendly and united team we are a family and we treat our customers as part of the Family!!!

Every Team member is dedicated and focused in doing its job right with the focus on offering the best customer service and maintaining the clients happy as our main business focus is to treat our customers as part of the family!

Nikos Sotiriou

Nikos Sotiriou Company Founder

Nikos Sotiriou is the founder of the company, he is married and has 3 beautiful children, he has a great experience in car rental. He treats his personnel very carefully and always helps us in everything.
    Nikos Demetriou

    Nikos Demetriou Manager

    Nikos Demetriou is the Manager. He has extensive experience in this

      Customer Relationship Manager

        Office Manager

          The Ahoy car rental Family is always willing to support you and we always reply to your requests immediately.

          We also have Russian –speaking personnel.

          Yours faithfully the team Ahoy Rent Car.